Our Program

Flexible Model

The HOME WORKS! program has three components: home visits, family dinners, and parent teacher learning team meetings. All schools must implement one home visit, one family dinner, and one other component which may include a second home visit or a parent teacher learning team meeting. Schools may elect to implement additional components.

Teacher Training

TRAINING is mandatory for all teachers and school personnel making home visits to learn the skills necessary to visit homes that are often different from their own. Our effective, three-hour training includes information on and discussion of cultural competency, assumptions, and fears, and includes role playing.

Family Dinners

Families are invited to DINNERS at school that provide excellent opportunities for families and teachers to “break bread” together to hear about and sign up for home visits. When teachers hear about barriers to attending the events (such as the need for transportation or interpreters) they offer solutions. They do whatever it takes to get parents to attend.

Home Visits

Families receive one or two HOME VISITS focused on building relationships and trust to establish the communication necessary for a partnership between teachers, parents, and families. At each home visit, teachers build/strengthen their relationships with parents and learn about the families and their homes. Parents learn that teachers have students’ best interests at heart and what they can do at home to boost children’s academic achievement at school. If the family has limited English proficiency, or a parent is deaf, an interpreter accompanies the teachers on the visits. Academic and attendance data of the student are taken and discussed on the visits, and the importance of attending school all day, every day is discussed. In addition, teachers talk with parents about the academic achievement of ALL the children in the home.

Parent Teacher Learning Team Meets at School

Families are invited to attend one, two, or three PARENT TEACHER LEARNING TEAM MEETINGS at school where parents learn skills; set academic goals; and receive books, educational games, and strategies to use with their child at home.