Position Opportunity – Program Leader


HOME WORKS! program leaders (PLs) are responsible for the implementation of the program. As the key liaison between HW! and assigned schools, PLs will know their district intimately and are responsible for the management and oversight of all program activities. Through relationships built with teachers and principals, they are responsible for ensuring that school staff achieve program goals. PLs provide
feedback to the HW! office on progress, adjustments and recommended improvements.


  • Develop partnerships between HW! and assigned schools
  • Set home visit goals with each teacher and monitor progress
  • Maintain contact with schools, including meeting in person with teachers and other school staff
  • Develop an understanding of systems and data necessary to implement the HW! program and use
  • HW! software to run reports to share with school personnel
  • Work with school personnel to facilitate transfer of critical program data
  • Work with schools as they plan and coordinate program events and attend all meetings, trainings,
    family dinners and other HW! events at each school as an active participant to engage parents; be
    prepared to speak at family dinners if asked
  • Participate in home visits to monitor quality and observe interactions
  • Maintain required calendars, dashboards and reporting
  • Review all home visit reports and take action as needed
  • Manage outcomes for greatest impact and be prepared to be evaluated on the numbers
  • Participate in planning work with schools and meetings with principals
  • Maintain current knowledge of research and trends in parent and family engagement
  • Keep track of everything in the Memorandums of Understandings
  • Ensure all visits are logged in a timely fashion
  • Be a strong, effective presenter and able to provide excellent home visit training at schools
  • Monitor parent communications and outreach; access parents for media, focus groups, board
    meetings, etc. for interaction, public relations and program support
  • Prepare the teacher spotlight for the newsletter and e-letter
  • Oversee parent feedback at school events, ensure high completion rate and take action on issues
  • Monitor and ensure school leadership engagement and evaluate annually for the next program year

Minimum Requirements

The successful candidate is dissatisfied with the status quo, asks “why” and embraces continuous improvement. Applicants must:

  • have a Bachelor’s degree in education or related field
  • have at least two years of K-12 classroom experience
  • have a passion for the mission, vision, core values and guiding principles of HW!
  • use data to monitor success and identify challenges
  • solve problems effectively through collaboration and coaching
  • have experience working in a multicultural environment and a commitment to diversity, equity and
  • have strong organizational skills and attention to detail
  • have excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • have strong computer and software skills including proficiency in MS Office applications and the ability to learn HW! proprietary software
  • handle sensitive information with integrity and confidentiality
  • have a commitment to professional development
  • be self-directed and able to implement and achieve program goals with minimal supervision
  • pass a background check required for work in schools

Work Environment

Duties will be carried out at assigned HW! schools and the HW! office. HW! maintains a tobacco/smokefree environment.

Hours and Other Requirements

Hours vary based on the needs of the program. Candidates need to be available to accommodate school
schedules (including mornings, afternoons and evenings), and have reliable transportation to reach
schools across the region.

Position Specifications

This position is part-time, non-exempt and reports to the Director of Program Operations. Hours vary,
approx. 20 hrs./week. No benefits. Wages are commensurate with experience.

To apply send cover letter, resume, salary requirements and references to sporter@teacherhomevisit.org

Download PDF of position opportunity