Karen Kalish

Karen Kalish with her colorful smile

Karen Kalish is the Founder and CEO of HOME WORKS! She founded HOME WORKS! in St. Louis in 2007 to get parents of students performing below grade level to be (more) actively engaged in their children’s education.

Karen is a serial social entrepreneur focused on literacy, closing the academic, opportunity and achievement gaps, and ending racial discrimination. She is Founder of Cultural Leadership and Books and Badges, and is President of the Estelle W. and Karen S. Kalish Foundation. Karen lived in Washington, D.C. for 27 years, where she started Operation Understanding DC – a yearlong program for Black and Jewish high school students that teaches them about their own and each other’s race, religion, culture and history. Karen taught elementary school for six years in Washington, D.C. (1967-73) before becoming the consumer and investigative TV reporter in 1974 for CBS-TV there. From 1978-1983, she was the consumer and investigative reporter for ABC-TV in Chicago, and then the Washington, D.C. reporter/producer for Entertainment Tonight. In 1987, she started Kalish Communications, and in 2000, she received her Masters in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School.