Judy Perkins

judy-perkinsAs a Program Director, Judy serves as a liaison between HOME WORKS! and the school by working very closely with the Site Coordinators at her assigned schools/districts. Judy’s responsibilities include program management, logistics, planning, and data collection, as well as leading continuous quality improvement initiatives and the integration of best practices within the program.

Judy is a retired elementary educator with experience in the area of Special Education and reading.  Prior to her 18 year teaching career in the Fox C-6 School District, she earned a B.S. in Social Work from Central MO State University. Her experience as a social worker included the hospital setting as well as private social service agencies. Her clientele ranged from young children and families to the elderly.  She then earned her B.S. in elementary education specializing in Special Education from UMSL. A Masters Degree in Elemenetary Education from Webster University and certification as a Reading Specialist was also obtained.  After working in the Fox District as a Special Education teacher for five years, she implemented the first non-Title I Reading Program for the district and served as a Reading Specialist until her retirement in 2011.