The HOME WORKS! team of professional educators, administrators, and advocates includes:

  • Laura Brock – Chief Program Director
  • Kathy Coyle – Data Manager – Senior Finance/Accounting Professional with MIS Master’s degree and over 18 years of broad and deep experience in manufacturing and corporate environments
  • Bert Emmons – Program Director – Senior administrator with experience in health, education and human services
  • Larry Grieshaber – Chief Operating Officer – Former university administrator and Professor, with 30+ years of
    experience in healthcare management, academia, and administration; Ph.D. in Administration from Purdue
  • Cindy Kalachek – Program Director & Trainer
  • Karen KalishFounder, full-time volunteer CEO – Serial social entrepreneur, has started three nonprofits; former teacher, television reporter and business owner with 25+ years of community service focused on literacy, closing the achievement gap, and ending racial discrimination.
  • Shane Kennedy – Program Director & Trainer
  • Sandra Logan – Program Director – Retired educator after 29 years of service as a teacher and administrator.
  • Judy Perkins – Program Director – Reading specialist and special education teacher for 17 years.
  • Lizzy Petersen – Development Assistant
  • Vickie Rogers – Program Director – Former teacher, extensive administrative experience, 30+ years in education
  • Betty Tobler – Program Director – Teacher, curriculum developer, accreditation compliance specialist, and administrator with over 40 years of classroom and administrative experience