Participating Schools

HOME WORKS! The Teacher Home Visit Program is in 27 schools in Missouri across nine districts, and one charter school. There are three early childhood centers, 17 elementary schools, three middle schools, and four high schools. There are currently two program models of HOME WORKS!: the 2+2 School-Wide model (which includes the 2+2 Randomized Control Trial schools), and the Parent Teacher Learning Team model.

I thought I knew a lot about my students. I knew NOTHING. I had no idea what they go through and how they are living. Teacher home visits have made me a better teacher AND my kids behave better, come to school more, and are doing better academically.

The School-Wide Model
Two visits, two trainings, two teachers on every visit, two family dinners, and two site coordinators to make sure the visits get done and there is fidelity to the model.

Charter School
La Salle Middle School

Clayton Schools
Meramec Elementary

Columbia School District
Parkade Elementary

Hazelwood School District
Southeast Middle

Marshall School District
Early Childhood Learning Center

Normandy School District
Washington Elementary
Normandy 7th and 8th Grade Center

Parkway School District
Fern Ridge High School

St. Louis Public Schools
Patrick Henry Elementary
Vashon High School

University City District
University City High School

Wentzville District
Heritage Primary
Pearce Hall

Randomized Control Trial Schools
Our evaluation team, Concentric Research, has been awarded $250,000 by the U.S. Department of Education/Institute of Education Sciences to do a rigorous study of teacher home visits and the HOME WORKS! 2+2 program model. This study will be a two-year Randomized Control Trial – the gold standard of evaluation – in 11 elementary schools in St. Louis Public Schools.

St. Louis Public Schools
Ashland Elementary
Buder Elementary
Columbia Elementary
Gateway Elementary
Hickey Elementary
Mason Elementary
Meramec Elementary
Monroe Elementary
Nance Elementary
Stix Early Childhood Center
Washington Montessori Elementary

Parent Teacher Learning Team Model
The Parent Teacher Learning Team (PTLT) model was developed as an alternative to the school-wide model. PTLT calls for one home visit, three parent team meetings at the school and one 20-30 minute intentional, in-depth academic conversation. It is being piloted in these two schools.

St. Louis Public Schools
Dewey Elementary
Woerner Elementary