• Pathway to Success thumbnail The Pathway to Success is a visual representation showing all the milestones for a student’s success from birth through high-school graduation. It shows exactly where a student needs to be today in order to be positioned for success tomorrow. For parents, teachers, students, or anyone interested in ensuring the future success of our children. Download the PDFs right here in one of three languages. Pathway to Success (English) (PDF) | Camino al Exito (Spanish) (PDF) | Put do Uspjeha (Bosnian) (PDF)
  • The Summer Reading flyer (2 pages) (PDF) shows the importance of reading for at least 20 minutes every day and the different outcomes for students who read 20 minutes, 5 minutes, or just 1 minute each day.
  • It Takes Just a Minute to Read… (PDF) offers simple advice for parents about how to read with their child and how to talk about what they’ve read together.
  • It Takes Just a Minute to Talk… (PDF) offers advice for parents about how to talk to their child in ways that support and increase literacy.
  • Bedtime Math sends out a playful new math problem daily to tackle with your kids at breakfast, dinner, bathtime, bedtime, or wherever and whenever it fits in your family routine. Problems begin with a brief set-up with things kids love – electric eels, chocolate chips, zip lines into the neighbor’s pool – then asks three levels of math questions. This is a great, fun way to make math part of your daily routine. They also offer a monthly Bedtime Math calendar with stickers to track how many problems you’ve done.