For Teachers

For Teachers

Are teachers compensated for home visits?

Yes. Teachers are paid for each home visit.

How can teachers get involved with HOME WORKS!?

Teachers should discuss HOME WORKS! with their principal and/or superintendent, who can then request a meeting with the Executive Director to discuss bringing HOME WORKS! to their school.

Teachers in schools that are not participating in HOME WORKS!, but are interested in making home visits can apply to be part of the HOME WORKS! Fellowship Program.  Please contact our Executive Director with questions regarding the application process:

Do home visits require a big time commitment?

Yes. Home visits are time-consuming and require planning, but teachers and other school personnel report that the time invested is repaid many times over.  They report better behavior, increased attendance, and increased academic achievement of their students. Starting to schedule home visits as soon as you know who your students are, and setting aside time to make visits each month, helps to keep the completion of home visits from becoming more challenging as the year progresses. Training sessions provide strategies for effectively and efficiently scheduling home visits.

What if teachers are afraid to visit their students’ homes?

Teachers report that the HOME WORKS! training addresses all of their fears and assumptions and that they feel both prepared and excited to make home visits after the mandatory training sessions.