For Parents

For Parents

What can I gain from a home visit?

Overwhelmingly, parents and families who have received home visits agree that HOME WORKS! has had an immensely positive impact on their relationship with the school and on their student. Listen to what parents have to say…

“HOME WORKS! was new to me because I have never received this kind of one-on-one attention from a school and its staff.  My daughter is happier attending Woerner and she is crazy about her teacher. My experience with teachers visiting the home was a great opportunity and I look forward to the next one.”

– Telisha Kimbrough, Parent, Woerner Elementary School, St. Louis Public School

“The Teacher Home Visit Program is a great way for the schools to partner with parents/families in reaching educational goals and building a strong rapport with one another.  It will bridge the “communication gap” that can be assumed from emails, notes and phone calls to a close, personal relationship.  I can’t think of a better way to break down barriers to the student’s success, than by having fact to face conversations with the entire family in their home versus coming to the school.  I am confident this sort of teamwork is crucial to keep our students on the road to success.”

– The Carey Family, Hazelwood Central High School, Hazelwood Public School

“This program makes a huge difference. I have heard all the parents talking about how HOME WORKS! is a great benefit because they learn a lot on helping their child academically and behaviorally. Thank you, HOME WORKS!, for all that you do for the children because you are not only helping them develop, but changing the entire course of their future.”

– Anabella Lopez, Parent, Dewey International Studies School, St. Louis Public School

“Home visits are a relaxed way to meet our children’s teachers. We are not rushed and it is private. Home visits allow my child’s teacher to know our family on a much deeper level. I love that my daughter is always so excited that her teacher is coming to our house.”

– Parent, Parkade Elementary School, Columbia Public School

How do I request a home visit?

Contact your school and/or teacher to see if they are participating in the program.