Selection Criteria

Family dinner at Parkade Elementary

Family dinner at Parkade Elementary (Columbia Public Schools)

HOME WORKS! is always looking for new districts and schools who are working to strengthen parent engagement in their building(s). In the same way we seek to partner families and teachers, we see our relationships with schools as a partnership in which we work side by side with school leaders to help students reach their full potential.

The following is a shortened list of criteria for school participation in HOME WORKS! School-Wide Model:

  1. At least least a three (3) year commitment to the implementation of HOME WORKS! The Teacher Home Visit Program
  2. A commitment from a minimum of 50% of the classroom teachers to visit all the families of their students performing below grade level, who have attendance and/or behavior and/or tardiness issues, all new students and families with whom the teacher has yet to develop a (positive) relationship, immigrant ELL (English language learners) families, and Kindergarten and first grade students who did not attend preschool.
  3. Agree to pay stipends to school personnel, HOME WORKS! reimburses 50% with proper documentation
  4. Must sign a fully executed Memo of Understanding (MOU) prior to beginning with HOME WORKS! The Teacher Home Visit Program

A sample MOU is available upon request.