2+2 Model

“Because of the HOME WORKS! Program home school relationships at Pershing have improved and in-school suspensions have fallen by 10%.” — Herbert Buie, Principal of Pershing Elementary School, University City Schools

The 2+2 Model operates in schools in which the administration and 50% of the classroom teachers agree to visit the homes of the students performing below grade level. This model uses the 2—2—2—2—2 structure…

  • two mandatory teacher trainings
  • two home visits per student per year
  • two trained* teachers on every visit
  • two Family Dinners at each school
  • two site coordinators in each school

*Teachers attend two mandatory HOME WORKS! trainings on how to make first and second home visits.

Benton Elementary family dinner

Family dinner at Benton Elementary (Columbia Public Schools)

The First Home Visit is about building trust and a relationship between the family and the teachers, school and home. Teachers see and learn about the family and the home environment to enhance the effectiveness of their instruction, while the parents meet the teachers and learn that they have the student’s best interests at heart. Teachers give resources and information, and parents offer insights into their children’s behavior, interests, and motivations.

The Second Home Visit is about the academic performance of the student and for teachers to identify ways families can enhance learning at home to improve academic achievement at school.

At both visits, families are invited to a Family Dinner at the school. These provide excellent opportunities for families and teachers to break bread together, share information regarding ways parents can provide academic support at home, and talk about the importance of education. When teachers hear about barriers to attending the dinners, such as needing childcare, transportation or having to work, they offer solutions. They do whatever it takes to get parents to attend because they know that the children of parents who come to school do better academically.

The two site coordinators in each school ensure program fidelity and data collection. They act as liaisons between the school/district and HOME WORKS!.

Pre/Elementary School vs. Middle/High School

Although they follow the same basic 2+2 structure, the delivery of this program differs between the younger grades (early childhood/elementary school) and the older grades (middle/high school). In the younger grades, students generally have one main or “homeroom” teacher who interacts most with the students. This is the de facto “Lead teacher.” In the older grades, students move from classroom to classroom for different subjects. Therefore, a core teacher is a “Lead Teacher” for the HOME WORKS! program and anyone else in the building who has been trained is a co-visitor.