Program Models

2+2 Model

“Because of the HOME WORKS! Program home school relationships at Pershing have improved and in-school suspensions have fallen by 10%.” — Herbert Buie, Principal of Pershing Elementary School, University City Schools

The 2+2 Model is HOME WORKS!’s parent-engagement model for partnering families and schools to improve students’ academic achievement, attendance, classroom behavior, and homework completion.

Benton Elementary family dinner

Benton Elementary family dinner

  • 2 home visits for every student
  • 2 teachers on every visit
  • 2 family dinners at each school
  • 2 teacher trainings for every teacher
  • 2 site coordinators in each school to facilitate the program

HOME WORKS! trains, supports, and helps pay the teachers to visit the homes of their students, prioritizing students who:

  • are performing below grade level;
  • have attendance, tardiness, and/or behavior issues;
  • are ELL (English language learners); or
  • are in kindergarten or first grade and did not attend pre-kindergarten.

Parent Teacher Learning Team Model (PTLT)

“After the first Parent Teacher Learning Team meeting, the mother went home and began to use the tools and information she received at the meeting to work with her daughter at home on skills she’ll need to be ready for kindergarten. The teacher has seen an improvement in the child’s academic level because the parents are working with the student at home.” Staff, Dewey International Studies, St. Louis Public School


Parent and teacher discussing academics at Dewey International Studies School, St. Louis Public School

Parent and teacher discussing academics at Dewey International Studies School (St. Louis Public Schools)

PTLT is a classroom-based, teacher-led family engagement model piloted in schools that have completed five years of the 2+2 HOME WORKS! model. HOME WORKS! is currently implementing the PTLT model in two schools in St. Louis Public Schools, Dewey and Woerner elementary schools. In PTLT, parents receive one home visit, attend three school meetings where families learn how help their children academically at home, and attend one 20-30 minute, intentional parent-teacher conference.