History of HOME WORKS!

Home visits aren’t a new idea. Parents as Teachers and some hospitals provide them from birth to age three. Many kindergartens in the U.S. require home visits before school starts. In 1998, teachers in Texas and California began teacher home visits. Teachers there recorded an increase in academic achievement and test scores, improved attendance and homework completion, a significant increase in parent/guardian/family involvement, improved attitudes about school by both the student and the parent/guardian/family, and  a decrease in discipline problems.

HOME WORKS! was inspired by those programs. HOME WORKS! The Teacher Home Visit Program was founded in St. Louis in 2007 to get parents of students performing below grade level to be (more) actively engaged in their children’s education.  It seeks to increase the capacity of parents and families to read and talk to their children daily, show they value education, and make sure their children attend school every day, all day. It began in a handful of schools and has grown so that in the 2015-2016 school year, 340teachers in 22 schools in eight districts and one charter school in rural, suburban, and urban Missouri made 3,653 home visits.

I now feel comfortable asking questions and offering ideas. The teacher will contact me when there is something he feels sure I would want to know. He knows this is due to meeting me on a one-on-one basis.